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KOREF_S's multi-omics data are available from ftp://Biodisk.org 

FTP server => here


We suggest to use FTP tools to download the files,such as FileZilla on Windows, wget on Linux etc.
Example command)
▷ KOREF standard reference data
Download    -  KOREF standard reference data
▷ Assembly
Download   -  Assembly, gene set, and repeat information
▷ Raw Sequence Data
Download   -  DNA-Seq
Download   -  RNA-Seq
Download   -  Methyl-Seq
Download   -  Bisulfite-Seq
Download   -  Genome Mapping data (BioNano and OpGen)
Download   -  16 Participants' DNA-chip
▷ Variant
Download   -  Variants of 20 people that were called against GRCh38 but not KOREF.
Download   -  Variants of 20 people that were called against  KOREF but not GRCh38.
▷ Structure Variation
Download   -  Structure Variation that were called against GRCh38.
▷ Liftover Chain File 
Download   -  chain files for liftover. (KOREF - GRCh38)
▷ External Links
Link   -  KOREF1.0 Assembly at NCBI
Link   -  KOREF1.0 Raw Reads at NCBI SRA
Link   -  KPGP Raw Reads at NCBI SRA
Link   -  KPGP (The Personal Genome Project Korea)
Link   -  PAPGI (Pan-Asian Population Genomics Initiative)
The immortalized cell line of KOREF was deposited in the Korean Cell Line Bank (KCLB, #60211).
For KOREF related issues, please contact Jong Bhak, at jongbhak@genomics.org